• XPiscoric’s biology team has extensive experience in biological assays for drug discovery, and providing services for target validation, in vitro screening, action mechanism elucidation, etc....Read more»

  • Equipped with High-standard SPF animal facility, and closely collaborates with large animal facilities close-by, XPiscoric’s in vivo efficacy study team is experienced in the fields of oncology, immnuo-disease, metabolic disease (diabetes), pain, NASH, alcoholic liver disease, anesthesia, etc....Read more»

  • The PK team possesses very strong background and technical abilities and ABI LC-MS/MS, Winnolin software, providing high quality and efficient in vitro and in vivo PK studies of test compounds....Read more»

  • With extensive experience of toxicology in drug development, the safety study services team focuses on providing early stage safety evaluations of compounds such as single dose or repeated doses to rodents or beagle dogs, to acquire preliminary safety data for decision making of candidate compounds....Read more»

  • The integrated preclinical services are to help clients to integrate biology, efficacy, PK and safety information of candidate drug to make decisions, development strategies and complete IND enabling studies, filing documents....Read more»